French Bulldog Cold Weather Guide 2023: Keep Your Frenchie Warm

This is a complete guide on the french bulldog cold weather guide.

This cold-weather season, it is essential for you to make sure your Frenchie stays warm and cozy. There are a few things that you can do to keep them happy and healthy during the winter months.

This article will discuss a detailed french bulldog cold weather guide, how to dress your Frenchie for cold weather, and what types of toys they should have available to them.

We’ll also give some tips on making their spot more comfortable, so they’re not tempted just to stay inside all day long.

Why French Bulldogs Can’t Tolerate Cold Weather

French Bulldogs are a breed that originated in France. This is where they get their name from, as well! They have been bred to have flat faces and large heads, which makes them so adorable.

Their short legs give them a stocky appearance, while their small frame makes it hard for them to handle colder temperatures outside. This means you will need to make sure you are dressing them for the weather.

Not only will this help keep your Frenchie warm, but it will also provide an added layer of protection against any germs or diseases that might be present in their environment.

If you would like to try and take them outside during the winter months, we highly recommend putting a sweater on them. This will help keep them warm while they are outside.

However, you should be aware of the fact that some Frenchies may not take well to wearing clothing and might try to chew it off their body.

If your pup is one who can’t handle being covered up with clothes or would rather stay indoors during cold weather, there are other things you can do to make them comfortable.

Signs Your Frenchie Is Cold

If your Frenchie is shivering and shaking, they are likely cold. However, their body language can also give some insight into whether or not it’s too cold for them outside.

If you notice that they look lethargic and don’t want to play with toys like usual, this might mean they’re freezing!

They may even choose to just stay indoors instead of going outside to play, which is a good time for you to snuggle up with them and watch some Netflix together.

One thing we love about Frenchies is their ability to make us laugh by doing silly things like barking at the TV or thumping on the floor as they try and catch something on the screen.

Frenchies can get hypothermia and frostbite in more severe circumstances. If your Frenchie is showing signs of either, you will need to take them indoors and try warming them up immediately.

A quick way that we suggest doing this is by using a heating pad or even just wrapping them in blankets until they’re warmed back up again.

If their skin feels cold when you touch it, then their body has likely gone into shock. If this is the case, bring them to a veterinarian right away so they can get checked out and given medication for hypothermia if needed.

If your french bulldog is pregnant then you have to take special care in cold weather also you can check our guide about pregnancy here.

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Simple Tips Keep To Keep French Bulldogs Warm In Cold Weather 2023

Avoid Overeating

One of the easiest ways to keep your Frenchie warm in cold weather is simply by not overfeeding them. If you are giving them too many treats or feeding them more than they should, their body will try and store it as fat.

This means that they could potentially gain weight even during winter if you’re not careful! We suggest feeding them a healthy diet with appropriate portions, so they stay in good shape and don’t have too many problems with the cold weather.

If your Frenchie does happen to gain weight, this doesn’t mean you should try putting them on any sort of special diet or start exercising them more just yet! This can be dangerous for dogs that are already struggling to keep warm and need their energy for staying alive.

You should always consult your vet before starting any new diet or exercise plan with your Frenchie. Taking them in for a check-up will help you get advice on weight loss and what sort of activities they can do to burn off the extra calories that might be weighing them down during cold weather.

Having a Frenchie doesn’t mean you have to let them suffer in the cold during winter! You can do many things to help keep your dog comfortable and cozy while still enjoying all of its favorite outdoor activities this time of year.

Avoid Drinking Too Cold Water

One of the biggest mistakes that some French bulldog owners make is giving them too much water when it’s cold outside. We know how tempting it can be to give your Frenchie a glass of ice-cold water on their bed, but this might not be good for them in winter!

A lot of Frenchies love drinking out of puddles and potholes when they’re playing outside in the snow. Unfortunately, these same spots can be icy and may contain ice that your pup could accidentally ingest if they take a big drink from it!

We recommend keeping an eye on where you let your French bulldog play to make sure there aren’t any highly icy puddles for them to drink from.

If you notice that your Frenchie is drinking out of an icy puddle, try taking some water and putting it in the microwave for a few seconds first before giving it to them.

This will help warm up the ice without causing too much discomfort if they accidentally swallow some while lapping at their water bowl all day long.

But we recommend you avoid giving your Frenchie cold water in winter.

Winter Health Check Of Your Frenchie

One of the most important things to do this winter is to check your Frenchie’s health. This means checking them over for any sign of frostbite or hypothermia after they’ve been playing outside in cold weather.

If you notice that their ears are starting to turn red, then it might be a good idea to take them indoors and keep them warm for a few hours.

This is one of the most common signs that your Frenchie might be suffering from frostbite, and it’s essential to get them inside before their ears fall off or they start having any other problems with their body temperature!

If you notice that your French bulldog has been coming in from playing outside really wet, then you should take them indoors to dry off. This is because the water on their fur will quickly cool down and cause hypothermia if they stay wet for too long!

You want your Frenchie’s body temperature to warm up as soon as possible, so it doesn’t drop below a safe level. We suggest turning a heater or space heater on in the room to help them dry off faster and get their body temperature back up.

But you should be careful with these heaters because Frenchies can quickly overheat if not monitored carefully! Make sure that your Frenchie is comfortable while drying off by checking on their breathing every few minutes or so until they’re completely dry again.

Move Their Bedding To Warmer Place & Provide Extra Bedding

Another essential thing to do this winter is to move your Frenchie’s bedding into a warmer spot in the house.

If you have an older French bulldog that has trouble getting up and down, then it might be best to put their bed on the first floor, so they don’t have to take long walks through cold hallways just to get there.

If you have a younger Frenchie, then it’s best to move their bedding into the warmest spot in your house. This will help keep them comfortable and cozy all through winter without having to worry about cold floors or drafty hallways sapping away at their body heat!

We recommend putting down an extra blanket for added warmth and providing them with a smaller blanket or towel that they can take to bed with them. This will help them stay nice and warm while sleeping on those cold winter nights without overheating after playing outside for hours!

But we recommend you move their bedding into a warmer place in the house and provide extra blankets if needed.

Let Them Stay Indoor When Its Too Cold

One of the most important things to do this winter is to let your Frenchie stay indoors. This means keeping them away from freezing weather, so they don’t catch hypothermia or frostbite!

You want their body temperature to stay nice and high, which will help keep any potential problems with their health at bay.

If you have a backyard and it’s not too cold out, then you might want to let your Frenchie play outside in the snow. But make sure that they always have a way back inside when they need to warm up.

But we recommend keeping them indoors when it’s too cold and only letting them outdoors if it’s not extremely cold. Also, provide their favorite blanket or towel so they can take it to bed with them.

We hope this helps you keep your Frenchie healthy and safe during the winter season!

Get A Winter Jacket For Your Frenchie

One of the best ways to keep your Frenchie warm in cold weather is to get them a winter jacket. This will help protect their sensitive skin from any harsh winds that might be out there while also keeping them nice and cozy!

But if you’re not sure what size French bulldog winter jackets come in, then it’s probably better to check with a professional and see what size your Frenchie should be wearing.

Always make sure that their winter jackets fit them properly, as well as keep an eye out for any loose threads or strings because these can easily snag on something and cause choking hazards if they’re not taken care of.

Keep In Mind To Get Winter Paw Protection

Another thing to keep in mind is getting winter paw protection for your Frenchie. This will protect their tiny paws from any harsh salt or chemicals that might be out there on the sidewalks and roads while also keeping them nice and warm!

But always make sure you get a product specifically designed for French bulldogs, as well as be careful not to get anything that could slip and slide around on their paws while walking.

This should help keep your Frenchie safe during the winter season without having to worry about them getting sick or injured. We hope this helps you get through another cold winter season with your French bulldog.

Don Not Allow Them To Eat Snow

One last thing to keep in mind this winter is not letting your Frenchie eat snow. This can cause them to get sick because it will melt into their body temperature and then freeze again, which isn’t very good for them.

But if you do find that they have some on their fur or are playing around with it, make sure you brush them off quickly, so they don’t ingest it.

This should help you keep your Frenchie warm and healthy during the winter season. Eating snow is dangerous for them, so be sure to keep it in mind.

Trim Nails To Avoid Injury

In some cases, people have to trim their French bulldog’s nails because they grow too long and can cause them to catch on things or injure themselves.

But you’ll want a professional groomer for this task as it is challenging trying to do it yourself. This will help keep your Frenchie from injuring itself while also keeping it nice and healthy.

And if you do choose to trim them yourself, make sure they have a steady hand and know how to handle nail trimmers without hurting their pet. You’ll also want to get ones that are specifically designed for French bulldogs, so they fit correctly on their paws!

We hope this helps keep your Frenchie safe from any injuries while also keeping them healthy and warm during the winter season.

Avoid Leaving Them Alone In Your Car

Lastly, make sure you do not leave your Frenchie alone in the car for too long. This can sometimes cause them to get sick or dehydrated because they cannot escape and find any water if there isn’t any around!

But also be careful about leaving their window open when it’s freezing out, as this could potentially harm them by making their paws cold, or even some ice could form around them.

Make sure only to leave the window open a little bit if you do opt for this option, as well as keep an eye on any ice that might build up when it’s really frigid outside. This should help keep your Frenchie safe and healthy during the winter season!

But we highly recommend you not to leave them alone in the car as it might cause them to get sick or even die.

Avoid Getting Your Frenchie Wet In Winter

Another thing to keep in mind this winter is not to let your Frenchie get too wet. This can cause them to catch a cold or other illness if they spend way too much time outside during the ice and snow!

So always make sure that you dry them off as well as possible after coming inside, which might take some extra towels. But this will not only keep your Frenchie happy and healthy, but it could also prevent you from having to take them to the vet in case they do catch an illness.

Also, make sure their paws don’t get too cold and wet by avoiding colder surfaces and making sure that they’re clean before going outside. You’ll also need to wipe down their head and ears with a cloth or towel so that they stay warm and cozy.

Use Vaseline To Prevent Painful Paws

One last thing you can do to keep your Frenchie’s paws warm and healthy is by applying some Vaseline to them. This will help protect their skin from any harsh weather conditions or even salt that could be used on the roads!

But only apply a little bit now and then, as too much of it might make their paws slippery and more challenging for them to walk around.

This should help keep your Frenchie’s paws warm and healthy while also protecting them from any harsh weather conditions that winter may bring.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Keeping your Frenchie healthy and warm during the winter season can be a challenge, but we hope this article on the french bulldog cold weather guide has provided some insight on how you can do so.

We recommend applying what you’ve learned from our tips to keep your pet safe and sound. If these methods don’t work for you or if they’re difficult to implement by yourself, then we highly recommend you consult with your vet or a professional groomer!

We hope this information will be helpful and that your Frenchie stays healthy during winter. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already as well!

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