French BullDog Heat Cycle (How Often In A Year & Symptoms)

This is the most detailed guide on the french bulldog heat cycle where we have discussed everything you need to know about it.

Parents of a female Frenchie will be familiar with the words “Heat” and “Season,” and it goes without saying. The purpose of this post is to provide a crash lesson on the french bulldog heat cycle.

A female Frenchie puppy may have just been given to you, and you’re planning ahead. Without proper research, it would be challenging for you to handle your dog.

Regardless of whether you intend to breed your French bulldog, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process of her menstruation.

If a female French bulldog is not spayed from when she is a puppy, she is likely to experience several physical and behavioral changes.

Knowing what to expect during the heat cycle time will make your trip much less stressful for both of you. To begin, here are some quick facts on the French bulldog heat cycle: how often does it occur, how can you know if it’s happening, and how long does it last?

After that, we will delve deeper into each part of the heat cycle. The first heat cycle in a female French bulldog occurs typically between 6 and 9 months.

French bulldogs can become pregnant during this period; therefore, you need to be ready as an owner. As well as protecting your Frenchie, you should make sure she doesn’t have unwanted litter.

Puppy ownership can be a lot of fun (and they are adorable), but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

Finding a good home for a puppy is difficult enough without worrying about the damage they cause to their surroundings. Without further ado, let’s know more about the french bulldog heat cycle.

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The Frequency Of Getting Heat

It depends on the dog’s size, age, breed, and how often and when she will come into heat. This cycle generally occurs twice a year (approximately after every 6 months) in a female French bulldog, with the first time she goes into heat being between the ages of 6 and 12 months (although it has been known to occur as late as 14 months in some cases).

The female French bulldog’s heat cycle lasts roughly three weeks, although she is only fertile for a few days during that time.

Having more than one unmodified female in your home means you should expect them to “cycle up” at the same time, just like humans do when they go into heat.

After her first heat, which occurs between 6 and 8 months of age, your French bulldog will enter twice a year, often every six months.

Her cycle may initially be irregular, but after a year or two, you must observe that her reproductive cycle is setting slowly into an organized cycle.

Every six months, the regular French bulldog will come into heat. Between these regular cycles, she may occasionally give you some signs of the initiation of heat, but she usually is sterile throughout these added seasons.

Once a French bulldog reaches the age of six, her fertility begins to decline. Fertility will continue to decline until she reaches approximately ten years of age, at which point her capability to reproduce will normally terminate entirely.

Thus, What Exactly Is Estrus Or Being In Heat?

Estrus, or being in heat, is a phase of the female dog’s reproductive system. Throughout this stage, she is receptive to mating with male canines.

Estrogen levels will initially rise and then fall dramatically, and at the same time, her eggs will be released from their ovaries. Additionally, she may produce a bloody discharge from her vagina.

Until you have spayed her, this is all part of the normal process.

Complete Information On French BullDog Heat Cycle

Complete information On French BullDog Heat Cycle

Dogs have a four-stage reproductive cycle, each with its own set of behavioral and physical changes. Scroll down to learn about each stage, including the French bulldog heat cycle duration and what you need to expect. You might also like to read about mini french bulldogs in detail.

The Stage Of Proestrus

This is the stage that most people allude to when they say their French bulldog is in heat. This early phase of the breeding process lasts an average of 5-20 days for most dogs and it’s defined by vaginal discharge, but it can last up longer in total.

Estrogen levels in your dog will begin to rise at this stage of the cycle of reproduction, and follicles (eggs) will begin to grow.

Male dogs may begin to express interest in most owners during this time, while the female French bulldog will not respond.

Rather than that, she may appear even more agitated than usual. During this first stage, it is not uncommon to witness dogs clutching their tails close to their bodies and becoming slightly clingier to their humans.

An enlarged vulva along with a discharge of blood-tinged fluid are two physical symptoms. While many pets will maintain this spotless, French Bulldogs frequently have difficulty accessing it.

Many owners encourage the use of diapers to avoid any mishaps. Additionally, at this stage, you may observe your dog peeing more frequently.

Phase of Estrus

This second stage of Estrus may last roughly between 4 to 14 days. At this stage, female Frenchie can get pregnant. However, on average, the Estrus stage lasts nine days for most dogs and denotes the viable window in a dog’s reproductive cycle.

Male dogs will continue to pay attention to the female French bulldog, but she will now be responsive to these advances.

One of the most popular ways for your dog to indicate her availability is by “flagging” when she raises or to one side of her tail.

The vulva will expand, and a brownish or clear discharge will occur. The pheromones she generates during this time period will increase her attraction to male dogs.

Additionally, it may result in female hostility, which can occasionally get into unwanted fights. Try to keep your pup away from the male dogs. Along with this, you can also gain knowledge about this cute merle french bulldog.


During this period, your dog will lose interest in male attention once more. This third phase of the reproductive cycle lasts around 2 to 3 months (i.e. 60 to 90 days). If a female Frenchie is pregnant the Diestrus cycle will last around 63 days. Physical improvements include a return to normalcy of her vulva and the lack of any discharge.

In other circumstances, a woman may act as if she is pregnant when she is not. If this occurs, you may see the following behaviors in your dog:

  • Restlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Appetite suppression
  • Embryo
  • Proper medical care
  • Aggression

Apart from these changes in mannerisms, you may notice a few physical ones as well. The female French bulldog may keep its current weight owing to fluid retention if it suffers from frequent hunger loss during a fake pregnancy.

Additional physical changes include a bloated abdomen and enlarging glandular tissue that may or may not produce milk. If you feel your French bulldog is pregnant, it is advisable to immediately take her to the vet.

French bulldog pregnancies must be closely monitored from the start due to the health hazards involved for both the mother and the puppies.

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The Stage Of Anestrus

The final phase of the reproductive cycle is when the body begins to prepare for the following season and it is a lengthy period in the cycle. This final stage typically lasts 2 to 4 months for most dogs, although it can take far longer for a particular breed just prior to proestrus begins. Typically, no physical signs or behavioral changes occur during this time.

Some Common Queries A Pet Parent Might Have About French Bulldog Heat Cycle

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12 foods to Avoid If you own an exquisite female French bulldog puppy, you’ll soon discover she goes into heat at a particular age. Whether you intend to breed your French bulldog or not, understanding its heat cycle is essential.

Raising a Frenchie puppy takes a lot of work. Pit bulls are fantastic, but they require a substantial amount of your time and attention.

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Why Is My French bulldog Behaving In such an Aggressive Manner?

If you’ve ever wondered how often a French bulldog gets into heat, what the symptoms are, how long they bleed, or how long the heat cycle lasts, this article will answer your questions.

This knowledge will assist you in comprehending what occurs to your female bulldog’s body, how to breed her properly, and how to prevent her from being pregnant.

How frequently do Frenchies go into heat?

The frequency with which French bulldogs go into heat varies with every dog. The majority of females become pregnant every six months.

Certain dogs occasionally have “extra” seasons between heats — for example, only three months after their previous heat – although these additional seasons are not always productive.

After your French bulldog reaches the age of six, her ovarian activity and the likelihood of conceiving begin to decline.

The majority of canines reach sexual maturity around the age of ten. We have recently published a detailed article on the unique lilac french bulldog.

The Signs You Need To Notice

The Signs You Need To Notice

When your Frenchie is in heat, her behavior and the behavior of the dogs in her vicinity change, males will find her attractive, but other female canines may grow inquisitive as well.

The degree to which the heat is noticeable varies per Frenchie – one may be extremely clean and promptly washes and licks away every drop of blood, while others are maybe a little more noticeable.

Therefore, pay close attention if your Frenchie or other canines exhibit ‘abnormal’ behavior. During the summer, Frenchie exhibits both behavioral and physical changes.

Physical Changes Associated with Heat

One of the most visible physical changes is her vulva expanding and increasing in size and turgidity, as well as a bloody flow from her vulva. Simultaneously, she may pee more frequently than in the past, signaling that she is pregnant to other canines.

Changes in Behavior Due to Heat

Your Frenchie’s behavior may appear disturbed or even nervous. While this puppy is still in her infancy, she may begin showing indications of heat shortly, including bleeding and behavioral changes.

She may begin mounting other dogs or perhaps even your leg, or she may submit to mounting. She will eventually become accessible to males during her heat cycle.

In a heat cycle, the French bulldog’s back end swivels to one side, and its tail swivels to the other side, typically accompanied by “flagging.”

By the beginning of her heat cycle, she will have developed an interest in males and may even start courting them, which will last until the heat cycle is complete.

The Common Symptoms You Can Encounter:

  • Breast and nipples get swollen
  • Changes in mannerism
  • Vulva is swollen
  • Tail flagging
  • Vulva discharges bloody serum
  • Male dogs show more interest

When Do They Go On Heat For The First Time?

Dogs typically enter “heat” or “season” between the ages of 6 and 24 months, based on their breed and size. Bulldogs frequently begin going into heat between the ages of 6 and 8 months.

Between the ages of 6 and 9 months, French Bulldogs sexually mature, which coincides with the female’s first heat cycle.

The Best Ways To Take Care During French Bulldog Heat Cycle

The Best Ways To Take Care During French Bulldog Heat Cycle

Due to the rushing hormones, your dog is capable of taking actions that could land her in serious jeopardy. It would be best if you looked after your dog by keeping her safe from potentially unsafe situations. The following are the necessary steps:

Consider Avoiding Off-Leash Walks Entirely

Even though she is used to leash-free walks, you should not take a chance. Leashed walks would enable you to safeguard her from any hostile males (they are aware when a female is in heat), prevent her from fleeing, and protect others in the event she becomes aggressive.

Ascertain That Your Dog Is Never Left Outside Alone

Even if she merely goes into the yard, do not leave her alone or keep an eye on her to protect her from any male dogs that may enter the yard.

No fence is tall enough to deter male dogs from approaching a female in heat. You could also keep her on a leash in the yard.

Adapt Her Workout Plan to Her Needs

While some dogs become more energetic and require additional exercise, others may experience fatigue throughout the day and should not be encouraged to overexert. Attend to your dog’s requirements and allow her to exercise appropriately.

Use Tracking Chips

Fit her with tracking chips, so you’ll always know where she is in case she runs away. Additionally, it will assist you when she is not in heat.

Utilize Odors Such As Menthol

On the tip of her tail to hide the fragrance of the hormones being emitted. This will assist her in avoiding male dogs.

Consult a Veterinarian

While this is quite typical, you may wish to visit a veterinarian for additional information on how to take the best care of her if she is acting strangely.

Additionally, you can have her examined after the reproductive period has gone to determine whether or not she is pregnant.

Take Care When Socializing with Other Dogs

If you have a female dog in heat, the most critical fact to remember is that she can become pregnant if she connects with a male during this time.

Male dogs are renowned for detecting when a woman is in heat and can trace her scent from afar. If you do not intend to breed your female, keeping her isolated from all males during her heat cycle is critical, which usually lasts two to three weeks.

If you intend to breed your dog, you must take her away from all males except the one you select as her partner.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

When you wish to become a pet parent, you need to be cautious about many things. The French bulldog heat cycle is one of the most crucial times.

You need to do enough research regarding it so that you can give her your best care and love. When you know everything about the different phases of the french bulldog heat cycle, your pup will be healthy and happy.

Remember, they, too, suffer from pain and hormonal changes. It is your love and care that can provide them with the utmost comfort in handling those days.

We hope that our guide has given you enough relevant information about their heat cycle. Consult a credible and experienced vet who always remains accessible anytime. All the best to you.

We hope your furry friend remains happy and active always. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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