French Bulldog Potty Training [Complete Potty Training Guide]

This is the complete guide on french bulldog potty training.

Your Frenchie is famous for different reasons, and when you bring home one, you will never have to look for any other companion. However, as a pet parent, you have to do your own research to train your pup in the best mannerism.

When you provide them with proper training, their good behavior will insist you pat their back. All dog owners find potty training to be a frustrating experience. Puppies, in particular, are prone to mishaps.

Thanks to their clean temperament and lack of accidents, French bulldogs may be trained to use the bathroom only outside in a matter of weeks with continuous training.

They are intelligent, clean (to a point), and devoted to their owners. For active people who don’t require a lot of space, Frenchies are excellent apartment pets because they require little maintenance and don’t take up a lot of room.

You’ll have to toilet train your new puppy just like any other canine. It can be stressful and downright messy for both owner and pup during this stage of dog training and should be avoided at all costs.

This is especially true of French Bulldogs. Even though once they’ve learned anything, they’re committed to it for the rest of their lives, the learning process might be complicated.

The puppy will understand where to go when they need to use the toilet, and they’ll utilize everything you’ve taught them to let you know when they’re ready to go out after you’ve employed these French bulldog puppy training methods enough. Are you confused about the names for your Frenchie? Check this names list.

Smart Tips To Provide Proper French Bulldog Potty Training

Establish A Routine

Even though life can be stressful, it doesn’t preclude us from setting up a timetable despite this. Regularly take your dog for walks throughout the day. Take them out in the morning, after they’ve eaten and drunk, after they’ve been in their crate or room, and before you go to bed, for example.

In order to help your dog develop good habits, try to feed them at the same time each day. This includes taking them out to relieve themselves. Your puppy should be taken outside as soon as you both wake up, after a long period of playing, and after eating dinner with water from their bowl in their mouth.

This is how we went about it and ended up where we did. As a result, your bulldog will know precisely what to expect from you each day once you establish a routine. Since we have a dog flap on our back entrance, this wasn’t an issue for us.

However, many of you will not have this luxury, so you must be ready to act swiftly. Take your dog outside after waking up, playing, and the Humane Society recommends eating or drinking.

Remove food from the bowl between meals to teach your dog to eat only when it’s there to be found. Do not leave your dog’s water bowl out overnight.

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Observe For Signals That They Should Use the Restroom

It won’t take you long to become acquainted with your French bulldog and recognize when they need to use the potty.

Warning signals include pacing in a circle, going back and forth from the same rooms, whimpering at you, barking loudly, sniffing about you, and gazing you dead in the eye. These are all warning indicators to be aware of.

Please pay attention to your French bulldog’s behavior for indicators that he has to go pee. It would be best if you look out for warning indicators such as pacing or circling the room. If you notice any of these warning signs in your French bulldog, it’s time to take him outside to relieve himself.

Try Using Puppy Pee Pads

No matter how good they are, any dog or trainer will have accidents during the potty training stage. Don’t be irritated if you have to plan ahead of time. Use puppy pee pads to keep your floors clean.

If your dog has to go potty when you don’t expect it, these pads will come in handy. Using the pee pads prevents urine from being tracked throughout your home and ruining your carpet and flooring.

So cleaning up is a breeze, and your house won’t smell as bad as it otherwise would! Because Frenchie puppies are notoriously messy, you’ll want to invest in machine-washable pads to save yourself the trouble of making many trips to the store.

You can use the Pet Kindness absorbent, washable pee pads at night when you can’t take your puppy outside. You should be able to housebreak your cute little Frenchie in a few months.

Any of these indicators indicate that your bulldog needs to use the toilet, and you should take them to the potty pads or outside right away. Have a designated location in your home for them if you don’t have access to the outdoors. You might also like this article on mini french bulldogs.

Make Sure To Instill the Directive to “Go Potty” Early On

The “go potty” command should be introduced to your dog as early as feasible because teaching a dog a new command can be challenging. Tell your dog to go potty when they begin to do so, and then praise them when they finish.

The objective is to link an action to a command so that they’ll go ahead and do it when you issue the command. Teach the command to “go potty” to your child. Once he finishes, praise him with a treat while you’re still out there.

Keep the dog out of the house until he’s finished, or else he’ll finish it there. As soon as you say, “go potty,” your dog will anticipate what you mean and begin eliminating accordingly. After doing research our team published a detailed article on merle french bulldog.

Try To Keep Your Indoors Clean

When accidents happen indoors, make sure to carefully clean them up to ensure that no urine or excrement smells remain. If your dog detects excrement in the house, he will most likely return to this location to relieve himself.

If your French bulldog goes potty inside your house, be sure to dispose of the waste in a suitable area in the yard so that your dog will be reminded to use the bathroom there in the future.

Reward Them If They Are Effective

You should give your dog a treat when they have completed using the bathroom. This will serve to reinforce excellent behavior and speed up the learning process for everyone involved. With enough practice, your dog will know exactly what to do as soon as you say the simple words “go toilet” to him.

French Bulldog Potty Training Schedule

AgeHold Pee For:Min. Times Going Out Per 24 Hours
8 Weeks2 Hours12 times
12 Weeks3-4 Hours6-8 times
16 Weeks4-5 Hours5-6 times
20 Weeks5-6 Hours4- 5 times
6 Months6-8 Hours3-4 times
7 Months12 Hours3 times

Where to Start?

Potty training your dog safely and easily may be taught to your dog using a number of various approaches. Make sure you utilize the proper methods. If you have a planned training timetable for your French bulldog, it will be trained in only a few short weeks. This is because they are a clean breed that tries hard not to have accidents.

All dog owners find potty training to be a frustrating experience. Puppies, in particular, are prone to mishaps. Thanks to their clean temperament and lack of accidents, French bulldogs may be trained to use the bathroom only outside in a matter of weeks with continuous training.

Items That Will Help You For Your French Bulldog Potty Training

There are a few things you’ll need to help you teach your French bulldog puppy properly.

Puppy Pads For Teaching Your Pet

You should utilize puppy pads when you initially got him home. This accomplishes two things at once. First and foremost, they smell great, but you may also use them as a defecation area for your pets. Amazon sells puppy pads for teaching your pet.

They’re inexpensive and available in large quantities. These items may have to stay in your home for a longer period of time if you reside in an apartment with limited outside access.

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A Decent Leash For Your Dog

It nearly goes without saying, but you’ll need a leash if you’re taking your dog into an unattended outdoor space so that you can take him to the right bathroom spot.

Treats For Your Dog As A Form Of Praise

You’ll also want to stock up on some puppy toilet training goodies to keep your pup motivated to go to the potty when you instruct him to. Playing with your puppy’s favorite toys will reinforce the idea that they are doing an excellent job of potty training themselves.

Canine Crates

When your bulldog is a puppy, you should put them in a crate at night to prevent him from “peeing on the floor.” Divide the crate in half and put the training pads and the dog’s bed inside.

Try buying a larger crate than you needed for his/her size at the time because we knew we’d still use it on occasion when he grew older To get rid of the obnoxious smell, you should also stock your home with cleaning rags and an enzymatic cleanser.

Understanding Your Frenchie’s Psychology While You Train

You must get to know your dog well and comprehend their point of view. For example, if your puppy prefers to go potty outside, do not immediately bring him back inside once he finishes.

This can help your puppy get more time with you in the yard. Bringing them inside when this is the case will almost certainly result in them going to the bathroom in your house, which is a horrible habit you do not want the French bulldog puppy to take up.

A smart idea is to confine your French bulldog while potty-training, but also make sure they have enough room to move about freely if you are not at home with them.

Put your dog in an enclosed area where they can’t escape, rather than confining them to a small crate or cage. In addition to being a generally tidy breed, French bulldogs also tend to avoid going to the potty where they sleep at night.

Neither they nor you want your home to be stained by strong odors and unpleasing odors. Be sure to properly clean any areas where your new Frenchie may have had an accident so that the odor does not reappear.

If the dog keeps smelling that odor, they may decide it’s appropriate to relieve themselves there in the future. Your Frenchie may have an accident inside your home, so if you discover him doing it, pick up the excrement and place it where you want him to go in the yard.

As their noses develop accustomed to the smells in that region, they will feel compelled to use that particular part of the yard as a bathroom. By spending significant time in the exact location, you may help your French bulldog learn which spots are suitable for toilet breaks and which ones are not.

Once your bulldog has figured out that this particular spot is ok to use as a bathroom, you can try a new one. When it comes to bathroom breaks, your bulldog will quickly pick up on which areas are safe and which ones are not.

Things to Remember While French Bulldog Potty Training

Avoid doing activities that will frighten the puppy and have an adverse effect on the dog’s potty training. Here are a few things to avoid when potty training your child.

  • The more time you spend away from your puppy, the more difficult it will be to train him since he will associate you with his behavior and demands. If you’re planning a lengthy trip, consider hiring a certified pet sitter to watch over your dog while you’re gone.
  • Be careful with how you utilize your puppy’s toilet training crate. Never use your puppy’s crate as a punishment tool because the crate is a necessary tool in the potty training process.
  • Make a timetable for eating, playing, and eliminating while training your puppy so that you don’t train him inconsistently. You must adhere to that timetable.
  • A calm and steady approach is required when toilet training a French bulldog puppy. If you give your dog too many choices, he won’t be able to learn anything.
  • Never force your French bulldog puppy to accomplish anything. Avoid rubbing your puppy’s face in his poop; this will make him afraid and discourage him from learning to toilet train. Punishing your puppy physically will make them more aggressive.
  • Don’t give your puppy food or toys right away in training; instead, wait until he has learned something before rewarding him with his favorite things.

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FAQs On French Bulldog Potty Training

1. Are French bulldog puppies relatively easy to potty train?

Puppies of the French bulldog breed aren’t the most difficult to train, but they’re also not the simplest. At some time in your puppy’s training, you will feel exhausted from trying to train him; it is not an easy process to go through. However, keep to your program.

2. Can a French bulldog hold his pee for an extended period of time?

You will be able to tell what normal and excessive urine for your dog is if you train it. You should expect an 8-10-hour potty-training period from a healthy, young, and adult French bulldog. For the first two to three hours after birth, a puppy can hold her pee.

3. How long does it take to potty?

In the same way that humans become nervous when they have to go to the bathroom, dogs do the same thing. To choose the optimal moment to take your dog outside, pay attention to your dog’s body language. Barking, uneasy going from door to door, and watching for the owner in front of the doors are some of the symptoms that may be present.

4. What time does it take to train my french bulldog for potty?

While every dog is different, it normally takes some time to properly and completely educate a dog to go potty. Your French Bulldog must learn to manage the circulatory muscles that shut the bladder and anus in order to become potty trained.

Controlling your circular muscles is a process that develops through time. Some French Bulldog puppies are already housebroken when they arrive at their new home, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

In most cases, French Bulldog puppies are fully housebroken by the time they reach the age of 7-8 months. Also, how long it takes to toilet train, your puppy is in your hands.

Potty training your puppy will go more quickly if you spend more time on it. Consult your veterinarian if you’re having trouble potty training your pet because it could be due to a medical issue.

5. How often may my dog take to poop?

Bringing a French bulldog home may prompt the question of how many times you’ll do it until it becomes routine. There are various factors that affect how often your Frenchie goes potty, the first of which is his age.

If you have a Frenchie who is a puppy, expect him to go potty frequently (up to five times a day, depending on his diet). Puppy stools will be more frequent if it consumes a lot of food.

In addition, if your pup’s activity is high, which means he enjoys running about and burning calories, this indicates he has a faster metabolism. Another consideration is how much fiber your dog consumes; if he consumes a high-fiber diet, he may pass more poop.

6. What is the perfect time to provide my dog with potty training?

The age at which you bring your dog inside your home and begin toilet training depends on you. French bulldogs should be potty trained at any stage in their lives.

For example, you can begin potty training your French bulldog puppy between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks. As a result, if you begin teaching them early in life, the likelihood of an accident increases because of their small bladder.

The importance of starting potty training at the appropriate age and using the appropriate equipment, and exercising patience during the process.

If you’ve adopted an adult French bull, begin training them right away because there is no upper age limit for potty training a senior dog. The good news is that potty training elderly dogs are much easier than it is for puppies, especially if you utilize a crate.

7. How to take my pup outside for poop?

To toilet train your dog, you must first grasp his psychology. If you understand your dog’s psychology, going outdoors with your French bulldog to relieve himself will be a lot less stressful.

If your dog prefers to go potty in the open, don’t bring him in right away once he’s finished. The more time your dog spends outside, the better it will be able to contain its poop.

If you bring your dog inside too early, they’ll develop the unpleasant habit of passing stools in your house. You should place your French bulldog in a confined space at some point while you are not home during potty times and make sure that area is spacious enough so that they can wander about easily.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Your French bulldog will be a loyal and loving member of your family for many years to come. There will be a period of early french bulldog potty training, but you can get through it much faster with these tricks and supplies.

Frenchies have a keen sense of humor and enjoy keeping things tidy. As a result, teaching them like other breeds makes them less accident-prone. If you and your Frenchie establish a good relationship based on mutual respect and trust, the adoption procedure will go much more smoothly.

French bulldog Potty training can be performed by encouraging good behavior, establishing protocols, and rewarding your dog for good conduct. This will help to minimize the frequency of accidents on your fresh new carpeting.

As long as you know your puppy’s indications and psychology for when they need to go to the toilet, you can have an excellent relationship with your pet. If you’re patient with your French bulldog, you’ll learn how to toilet train him quickly and easily.

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