How To Discipline French Bulldog Without Punishment

French bulldogs are a wonderful breed of dog, but they can be challenging to train. They have stubborn personalities and strong willpower. It is important to teach your French Bulldog from an early age how to behave in order to avoid punishment later on.

In this detailed article, we will discuss ways on how to discipline french bulldog without punishment and the steps of positive reinforcement that you should take with a young French Bulldog puppy.

List Of Ways On How To Discipline French Bulldog

Try Always To Use Positive Reinforcement

French bulldogs can be stubborn, but they respond extremely well to positive reinforcement. They love attention and affection from their owners. Try to give your French Bulldog puppy as many treats and pats on the head as possible when they do something good.

If you catch your french Bulldog chewing one of his toys instead of a piece of furniture, immediately remove him from the situation and praise him for not doing it again later that day.

You want to encourage behavior that is acceptable rather than punishes them after the fact for actions that are unacceptable in most cases, such as chewing up items left out on kitchen counters or trying to eat food off plates at dinner time which could cause choking issues if eaten whole with bones inside, etc.

Reward good behavior and discipline lousy behavior as quickly as possible. French bulldogs respond well to the positive reinforcement methods, so they will likely do whatever you want them to if it means getting attention from you or a treat for doing something right. Are you confused about how to train your Frenchie to get along with other dogs then we suggest you read this guide?

Try Distracting Your Frenchie With Different Distraction Methods

Another method that works well for French Bulldogs is a distraction. When they are doing something bad, simply distract them by calling their name or offering a toy to play with.

It may take some time to fully train your french bulldog puppy because of their stubborn nature, but if you keep trying distractions over punishment, then it will work eventually.

For example, if your French Bulldog is chewing on your shoe instead of his own toy, call his name and offer him a bone to chew on.

This will distract them from what they are doing wrong and encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement and turn the bad behavior into something acceptable by giving it another object to chew or play with instead.

If you do not want to try distracting your french bulldog puppy with different objects, be sure to use their name when they are doing something wrong instead of yelling at them or hitting them, which will only worsen in the long run.

Because it is negative reinforcement that does nothing but encourages fear and anxiety rather than reinforcing good behavior through positive reinforcement. If your french bulldog is jumping continuously then you can stop them with these methods.

Try Using Water Pistol Or Squirt Water Bottle

Another method that can be effective is using a water pistol or squirt bottle. If you catch your french Bulldog chewing on the furniture, then spray them with cold water and say “no” firmly in order to startle them into stopping what they are doing and thinking about their actions.

This will not work for all dogs but it works for many since it is a physical stimulus that interrupts their behavior after you have stopped them from doing it.

Immediately give them something else to chew on or praise them in order to teach the difference between good and destructive behaviors without punishing after they are done chewing.

This can also be used when your french Bulldog begins barking at someone passing by the house or when they begin to dig in your flowerbeds.

Just like with chewing on furniture, use a water pistol or squirt bottle and say “no” firmly before giving them something else to do such as going for a walk outside if barking is what they are doing wrong.

Make sure that you give plenty of praise afterward to know that you are not mad at them and understand why it is unacceptable behavior.

By using positive reinforcement, your French Bulldog will be more likely to stop doing what you do not want them to do rather than continually being punished for destructive behaviors after the fact, which only makes things worse by creating a fearful dog who has no idea where the punishment is coming from or why. Are you looking for ways on how to stop french bulldog from pulling on the leash? Then we suggest you read this guide.

Use Strict Body Language & Tone Of Voice

Another method that works well for French Bulldogs is using strict body language and tone of voice, which will let them know you are not happy with what they have done.

For example, if your French Bulldog chews up a pair of shoes or the furniture out of spite because they do not want to do something such as go outside when you want them to, then put your hands on your hips and use a firm tone of voice when saying “no” in order to let them know that they have done something wrong.

Do not give any attention or affection after doing this because it will be seen as negative reinforcement and encourage more bad behavior instead of stopping their current actions through positive reinforcement.

Using this method, your french Bulldog will know precisely why you are disciplining them and they may even stop the behavior after only one time.

Because it is clear that good things come from their actions which makes practicing destructive behaviors pointless compared to getting what they want through positive reinforcement.

The most important thing to remember when trying any of these methods is to always be consistent and use the exact words or tone of voice each time so that your french Bulldog knows precisely what they are doing wrong.

Also, remember that it takes a lot of patience and practice for both you and your pup but you will eventually get there if follow through with this method day in and day out until you no longer need to use any of it anymore. You can also train them to sit on your command quite easily with just a few techniques then you can read here.

Be Very Consistent With Training & Discipline

One of the most effective ways to make sure your french Bulldog does not get out of hand or begin acting up is by being very consistent with training and discipline.

Many people think that you should only punish destructive behaviors, but this will create fearful dogs who are more prone to act out in other ways because they do not understand why they are being punished for something they have already done.

To be very consistent with training and discipline, you must first understand why your French Bulldog is doing what they are doing in the first place by observing their behaviors.

After this has been determined, you can begin using positive reinforcement instead of punishment, which will help your french Bulldog understand what behaviors are good and bad.

This method is very effective because it will teach your pup to get rewarded for doing things right rather than being punished for doing something wrong after the fact.

At The Time Of Offence Discipline Them Immediately

If you catch your french Bulldog in the act of doing something wrong such as chewing on a pair of shoes, then it is important to discipline them immediately so that they know what they did was bad and why.

Many people think it is best to wait until later, but this will only worsen because your pup may not associate their actions with the punishment and may even become afraid of you because they do not know where or why it is coming from.

By disciplining them immediately, your french Bulldog will understand what they did wrong and how to fix their mistakes so that they can continue being a well-behaved dog who gets rewarded for doing good things rather than punished for doing bad things.

When disciplining them, it is also essential to use strict body language and tone of voice so that your french Bulldog knows precisely what they did wrong without any room for questioning or confusion because this will create a connection between their actions and the punishment, which makes it more effective in comparison to waiting until later.

Having said all of this, it is important to remember that you must always be consistent with training and discipline so that your pup knows exactly what they are doing wrong each time which will ensure lousy behavior does not become a habit or way of life.

Using these methods day in and day out until the problem completely disappears, you can eventually stop disciplining them altogether because it becomes clear that good behaviors will be rewarded.

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Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

As you can see, there are many different ways on how to discipline french Bulldog without resorting to punishment. The most effective way is by using positive reinforcement because this will teach them that good behaviors are rewarded and bad ones punished.

This type of training also requires a lot of patience but it will be worth the effort in the long run as they learn what behaviors should or shouldn’t be done around the house. If all else fails, try one of these methods so that your pup learns how to behave appropriately for a happier family life together.

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