How To Stop French Bulldog From Pulling On The Leash

Every French Bulldog owner knows the struggle of trying to keep their four-legged pups from yanking on the leash and running around like a lunatic. There are many different reasons why your Frenchie may be pulling so hard, but there is one thing we can all agree on: it’s annoying.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways that you can teach them not to pull. In this article, we will discuss how to stop french bulldog from pulling on the leash that work for most pups and owners alike. You can also train your frenchie to get along with other dogs with the help of this guide.

Way On How To Stop French Bulldog From Pulling On The Leash

Try To Avoid Distractions When Walking Your Frenchie

When your dog is distracted by something, it can be difficult for them to focus on not pulling. If you want to teach them the leash means business, avoid all distractions until they have been thoroughly trained. You may also need to invest in a no-pull harness or head halter before beginning this process. If your French Bulldog is already leash trained, this will be a much easier process.

If your Frenchie loves to smell and investigate every single blade of grass on the sidewalk as you walk, try carrying some treats with you until they have been properly trained. Hand feeds them each treat as if it were their last meal. You can also use toys to distract them. When they are not focused on you, the leash will be less of a struggle to hold onto and keep slack-free. Read this guide to stop your frenchie from jumping unnecessarily.

Use This Tactic Stop And Stand Still

This is an effective way to help your French Bulldog understand that the leash means business. As you’re walking, simply stop and stand still whenever they begin pulling on their leash. If they are small enough, pick them up entirely off of the ground so that all pressure from their collar is taken away until it’s time to move forward again.

If they are too big for you to pick up, try holding onto their leash so that they cannot walk forward any further. They will quickly learn the behavior is not worth it because there is no reward when they pull on their leash. Eventually, this method has a great chance of success in keeping your Frenchie from pulling against the leash ever again.

Be Interesting To Your Frenchie

If you want your Frenchie to be able to walk without pulling, they need to have something else that is interesting enough for them so they will not desire their attention. This can include many different things, such as hanging up a bird feeder in the backyard or purchasing some toys for indoors only.

You could also try training them with clickers or whistles to make them understand what they are doing is correct. Clicker training works exceptionally well for pups who want their owner’s attention but don’t know how bad it can hurt if they pull too hard on the leash.

There are many ways that you can stop your Frenchie from pulling, but these three methods work best of all. If you stick to these techniques, your pup will likely stop trying to pull on the leash. Check this guide if you want to train your frenchie to sit on command.

Go For “Practice Walks” With Your Frenchie

Before you begin training your Frenchie to stop pulling on their leash, it’s essential that they are already getting plenty of exercises. The more energetic and healthy they are, the easier this process will be for everyone involved.

Make sure that you walk them at least once or twice a day before any sort of training begins. That way, when you begin, and they start getting worked up, it will be harder for them to focus on trying to pull.

Remember that French Bulldogs can get easily agitated when walking outside because of their short noses. Try avoiding all distractions by taking your Frenchie to a quiet area with little traffic, so you don’t have too many problems during practice walks! When they are on their leash, make sure they are on your left side. That way, you can easily block them if they try to pull ahead of you. You can read this guide to stop your Frenchie from digging.

Try To Pick Your Moment

If you have a Frenchie that is already leash trained, this will be much easier for both of you. Make sure they are in the right mood to walk by, not taking them outside if they’re too excited or agitated from being inside all day. If your pup can’t seem to stop pulling, it may also be best for their energy levels if you wait until they have had a meal or two.

Once your Frenchie is calm and ready to walk, ensure that the leash is not too tight for them. If it’s cutting into their neck, they will become aggravated quickly. Use one hand to hold the leash below their collar, so there are no tensions on it at all if they start to pull. If they suddenly stop moving, the leash will tighten and show them that pulling does nothing but make it harder for you both to walk together!

Once your Frenchie has mastered their behavior on an easygoing day with little distractions, you can begin practicing at other times as well, like when there are more people around or dogs barking. You can also try going to a busier street for walks, but make sure they are still calm and able to focus on their behavior.

If you use these three methods when training your Frenchie on how not to pull against their leash, the process will likely be much easier than expected! These techniques have been used by many other dog owners and have been proven to be successful.

Be Unpredictable

When your Frenchie sees that their behavior is getting them nowhere, they will be more likely to get bored with what they are doing. If you keep things unpredictable enough for them by not letting them know when it’s okay or not to pull against the leash, then they won’t have a chance of knowing how far ahead of you they’re allowed to walk.

The best way to do this is by letting them pull a few times then stopping all of a sudden when they least expect it. They’ll get so frustrated from the process that they will eventually give up trying because there’s no point in walking if their behavior isn’t getting them anywhere! If you try being unpredictable every day, your Frenchie will eventually understand that pulling against the leash means nothing but frustration for them.

Take More Walks

After taking more walks with your Frenchie during their training, they may begin to get worn out and tired. By the time you reach the end of a walk or two with them, it will be much easier for them to stop pulling because they’ll want nothing more than to go back home.

Before starting any sort of leash training, make sure that you take at least two walks per day with your Frenchie. That way, if they are not in the mood for leash training, later on, you can just take them back out again to help tire them out!

By following these three easy tips every day, it will be much easier for both of you to walk together without any problems at all. We have added an article on ways to discipline your dog with punishment.

Offer Treats As Positive Reinforcement

When your Frenchie sees that their behavior is getting them a treat, they will be more willing to stop pulling against the leash. The best way to do this is by offering treats when they are walking next to you without trying anything funny.

If your French Bulldog keeps on making good decisions while out for walks, then offer them a treat right away. That way, they will know that pulling against the leash only gets them a treat when they’re good and not when they’re bad!

If your Frenchie is too difficult to train in this way, try taking their favorite toy out with you on walks instead of treats. When they make any decisions without doing anything wrong or crazy, give them their toy to play with or even let them bring it back home.

Using treats and toys as positive reinforcement will get your Frenchie used to leash training much faster than expected! Once you see how well they respond, there’s no reason why the process of walking next to each other should take more than a few days.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

French Bulldogs are notorious for pulling on the leash, but it’s not as hard to stop this behavior as you might think. The first step is taking your Frenchie out more often and getting them used to walk next to you without any problems at all.

Once they’ve mastered this skill, try being unpredictable by stopping suddenly when they least expect it or giving treats when their good decisions make a difference in how far ahead of you they’re allowed to walk.

If these techniques don’t work and your French Bulldog continues with bad habits like pulling against the leash, then use positive reinforcement by using toys or food rewards that will help increase their willingness to follow commands from humans. We hope this article on how to stop french bulldog from pulling on the leash was helpful.

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