How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Jumping

French bulldogs are a wonderful, loving breed of dog. They are affectionate and loyal to their family. However, they can be very mischievous creatures that enjoy jumping up on people when they least expect it.

This is not just annoying; it’s also painful for the person being jumped on. In this detailed guide, we will discuss how to stop your french bulldog from jumping up so that everyone has more fun.

How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Jumping On You When Coming Home

One of the most annoying things about French bulldogs is their tendency to jump on you when they are excited. This can be very painful, significantly if your dog weighs over 50 pounds!

The first step towards stopping this behavior is to teach them that it’s not okay to do so. You should never hit or yell at your dog-they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong and will just become afraid of you in response.

Instead, try squirting them with a water bottle every time they jump up while saying “off.” Eventually, he’ll start associating getting sprayed with jumping up and won’t want anything to do with it!

Once he realizes how fun being calm around you can be (for example, by sitting nicely), continue to reward him with treats every time he does so. Teach him to “sit” command before getting a treat. Teach your dog the “off” command to stop jumping up.

If you have multiple dogs, teach them how to be calm when people come in and out of the house so that they don’t get jealous or excited around each other!

You can do this by teaching them one at a time-teaching all three is just too complicated! Start with the friendliest dog first, then work your way down from there.

This will make it easier for everyone involved to know what their behavior should look like before meeting another French bulldog face to face!

If not done correctly, this process could end badly and lead to fighting between animals. You never want an animal fight on your hands because it’s hazardous for everyone involved.

Teach your dogs one at a time to be calm around each other when people come in and out of the house. When it comes down to it, French bulldogs are intelligent creatures!

If you approach training them with reinforcement rather than punishment-they will learn what they’re supposed to do much quicker! Once again, never punish or yell at an animal because this is not how we want them to behave towards us as their owners.

You should only use words like “no” and phrases such as “stop jumping up.” Don’t forget: reward good behavior instead of focusing on bad deeds so that he associates being nice and calm with getting treats and praise from his family members!

If done correctly, French bulldogs will stop jumping up on you in no time!

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How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Jumping On Guest

Many French bulldogs are very loving creatures that enjoy being with their family. However, they can also be jumpers! If you have friends or neighbors over and your dog jumps up on them-this is not okay behavior.

You should never let an animal hurt anyone if it can be prevented, so the best thing to do would be to start training early on before jumping becomes a habit! Teach your dog how to behave around guests using reinforcement rather than punishment properly.

Start by teaching him what “sit” means. This will tell him when he’s allowed to get treats from people versus when he needs to behave because someone new is entering the house (for example).

When his butt hits the ground, then give him a treat every single time. Eventually, he’ll start to understand the difference between sitting when there are strangers around versus people that you know coming in and out of your house! Y

You could also try teaching him how to shake hands which is an excellent way for dogs to interact with their owners’ friends without jumping up all over them right away.

Teach your dog to “sit” before giving him treats every single time once this command has been mastered-it’s time to move on towards stopping his jumping behavior altogether!

The following suggestions will teach you how to prevent your dog from leaping. While you may and should do them with your dog, have friends and other family members try them out as well. But if you can’t get it done on your own, hire someone good at what they do to assist you.

The Knee Method

The knee method is an excellent way to get your French bulldog to stop jumping. The first step will be for you or whoever is trying this technique with the dog in question to go down onto one knee so that their face and yours are at an equal level.

This works exceptionally well if you have small children in the house who are scared of dogs jumping on them. Once you are in this position, please wait for your dog to approach with his paws up towards your face.

As soon as he starts moving them upwards, pull one knee back to touch the ground while also pulling their two front legs off where they were about to land! Please give him a treat and lots of pats as a reward for being well-behaved.

If done successfully, your dog will start to understand that specific body movements lead up to him not landing on his feet and getting rewarded with treats!

The wall method is also considered another way to help stop jumping. Your French bulldog should be standing next to a hard surface, such as a wall or the side of your couch, so that when they jump, their paws will hit and bounce right off.

As soon as he jumps up towards you, use both hands to push him back down while also telling him “no.” If done correctly, this should deter them from jumping again for at least some time!

The Belt Method

The belt method is yet another way that you can use to ensure your French bulldog’s jumping days are behind them. Put on a thick, sturdy belt and attach it around his neck using the buckle so that it digs into his skin just enough to make him want to stop doing what he was about to do (jump) but not too much that it’s going to hurt him.

The first time you do this, he’ll probably try his hardest to get away from you and the belt by running around in a circle or trying any other method possible of freeing himself from its grip. Make sure everyone is on their feet, ready to catch your dog before they manage to escape!

If they run away, pick them up as quickly as possible and keep the buckle belt around their neck. It shouldn’t take too many of these experiences before they start to realize that it’s just not worth getting punished every single time they try to jump!


The last method you could try is to unbalance your dog while you’re at it. This is one method that some people actually find more painful than the belt method but if your French bulldog has a low pain tolerance and can handle this punishment, then go for it!

Please pick up your dog by their back legs and leave them hanging there until they stop struggling, or cool down whichever comes first. Once they start to calm down-put them back on all fours and tell them “no.” Then, give your dog a treat for being good!

This method is discouraged by some because it can severely injure their legs if you’re not careful enough, but if done correctly, this could be the last resort that finally gets rid of those pesky jumping habits!


Dancing is a great way to stop your French bulldog from jumping up! If you have music on, put it on so that they can hear the rhythm. When you do this, they’ll start moving their whole body in time with the beat of whatever song it may be.

This will make them want to move more and jump less! This is a great way to get rid of that annoying habit when you’re at home with your dog or in the park if they can’t help but jump on everyone who walks by.

Don’t forget to reward your dog with a treat every time they move their body instead of jumping up!

Turn Your Back

The last method you could try is to turn your back on them. This might be difficult if they are very determined; however, it is an effective technique to stop jumping behavior in French bulldogs.

If done correctly, then this should deter them from jumping again for at least some time! If they manage to jump up and land on you, turn your back and ignore them until they get off.

As soon as he jumps up towards you, use both hands to push him back down while also telling him “no.” If done correctly, this should deter them from jumping again for at least some time. We recommend you read this detailed guide on stopping your Frenchie from pulling leashes.

Final Words

If your French bulldog tends to jump up, then you have come to the right place for help! We’ve provided four different methods that could stop their jumping habits.

The first is simply telling them ‘no’ when they jump on you, which should cause them not to want to do it again. However, if this doesn’t work, we recommend using one of our other three methods: either the belt method, unbalancing, or turning your back on them.

These are all very effective techniques on how to stop your french bulldog from jumping up, but only time will tell which works best for you.

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