Why French Bulldogs Dig [Detailed Guide] (Explained)

French bulldogs are adorable, but they have a terrible habit of digging. They can dig up your lawn in minutes, and if you’re not careful, they’ll ruin the drywall in your home too! If left unchecked, Frenchies will eventually destroy their environment with all that digging.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to stop them from getting into this destructive behavior. This article on “why french bulldogs dig” should help out any owner who is struggling to keep Frenches off the ground and your furniture.

List Of Reasons Why French Bulldogs Dig

Digging to escape

French Bulldogs can be escape artists. These dogs have a way of slipping out between the slats in your fence. If you notice holes appearing, try putting something over them to keep Frenches from digging their way outside again and getting into trouble.

You may even want to re-route your fence’s gate so that it looks better. If you find that your French Bulldog is digging under the door, try putting something heavy in front of it. Figure out how they are escaping and what you can do to stop them from doing it again. You can also read our article on stopping Frenchie from jumping.

Digging To Find Something

Frenchies will dig to find something. They love sniffing around and digging through the dirt. If you notice that your Frenches are always digging in the same area, it could be because they’re trying to find something.

You can try moving their toys around so that they don’t get stuck in one place all of the time. It’s also possible that there is a dead animal or some other type of gross thing hidden under the dirt! If this happens, make sure you keep an eye on your French Bulldog and keep them away from any dangerous items like these.

French Bulldogs dig for many reasons, but thankfully most issues related to digging can be resolved with just a little bit of work on everyone’s part. Be patient with your dog while training them not to dig up everything in sight— it will pay off eventually.

Digging due to boredom

If you notice that your French Bulldog is digging more often than usual, it could be because they are bored. Dogs need a lot of mental stimulation, and if yours isn’t getting enough, they may turn to dig as a way of relieving their boredom.

You can ensure your pup has everything they need by providing them with plenty of exercise and toys. If you find that Frenches still love to dig after doing all this, then there’s another issue at hand.

Try giving yourself some time each day just for the two of you so that he knows you’re not ignoring him! Some dogs enjoy playing fetch or going on walks together once per day, but whatever activity makes both of you happy will work out well in the long run.

French bulldogs can be a handful if they like to dig, but it’s possible to train them not to do this with the right amount of patience and effort. Try out some of these tips today.

Digging due to anxiety

French Bulldogs can also dig because they are anxious. This is especially common when these dogs aren’t properly trained and socialized as puppies. If your Frenches seem to be digging in a particular area, it could mean that they want more space or something else of value like food or water.

You may even find them digging to escape their current environment if you have been too harsh with them! In any case, give your dog some extra love while training so that the behavior will stop being necessary for good. You should now understand why Frenchies dig and how you can help get rid of this problem fast. You can train your cute Frenchie to sit on command with the help of this guide.

Digging through lack of exercise

If you aren’t giving your Frenchies enough exercise, they will be more prone to digging. These dogs are very active and need lots of attention to keep them from getting into trouble. If you think that digging may have something to do with a lack of activity on your part, try taking Frenches out for longer walks or playtime sessions at least once per day.

This should help get rid of the problem by making them tired out so much faster. Remember not let French Bulldogs dig where they shouldn’t be— it can damage their environment and even hurt people too! Please make sure they always have plenty of toys around, so they don’t feel compelled to tear up anything else when left alone outside.

Also, take them outside to play at least once or twice per day so that they don’t get into trouble while you’re away. If this behavior does continue, try crating your Frenchie when you leave the house to keep them safe and out of mischief.

Digging to create a cool place to lie down

If your French Bulldog keeps digging in the same area, it could be because they are trying to create a cool place for themselves. Most dogs will dig up dirt or sand if they get too hot and then lie down on top of it to stay nice and relaxed.

If you notice that this is what Frenches like to do with their favorite spot, make sure you keep them well hydrated when outside so that there’s no need! You can also help them out by providing them with some kind of shelter near where they usually like to sit— even something as simple as an umbrella should do the trick!

You may think that your Frenchie just digs to cause trouble, but in most cases, it has more serious underlying causes than you think. Try to figure out why they like to dig and then train them with some patience and love.

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